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Below are essential simulator modules for our customers...

- Instructor system

- CCTV system

- Repeater system

- Bridge Modules

  1. i. Visual Projector or Flat screen

  2. ii. Real or Emulated consoles

  3. iii. Motion system

  4. iv. Bridge Wing

  5. v. Aft bridge

  6. vi. GMDSS

  7. vii. DP

  8. viii. Fishery

  9. ix. Naval

  10. x. TUG VS

  11. xi. Offshore

  12. xii. Mooring

  13. xiii. Communication

  14. xiv. CCTV

  15. xv. Eye Tracking

  16. xvi. Gun, small arm

  17. xvii. Tactical system

  18. xviii. VTS

  19. xix. HELO

  20. xx. Crane

  21. xxi. DAVIT

  22. xxii. Cloud

  23. xxiii. VR, AR, MR

  24. xxiv. Deck Officer

  25. xxv. Engineering module (customized)

  26. xxvi. Inland waterway

  27. xxvii. Ice (Polar code)

  28. xxviii. SAR

  29. xxvix. Oil spill

  30. xxxi. Command central

  31. xxxii. Import real weather/environmental data

  32. xxxiii. Engine Room

  33. xxxiv. Ballast system, Cargo Handing

  34. xxxv. Integration to 3D Party suppliers

  35. xxxvi. Fast Craft

  36. xxxvii. Debriefing / Briefing system

- HDMT 6DOF Tool

- Visual Tool

- Server

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To ensure the system is adequately cared for in the future and kept at the cutting edge of KONGSBERG simulation technology, we offer the Long-Term System Support Program (LTSSP), a highly customizable in-service support program. The support program ensures that your system will be kept current with Kongsberg’s product offerings. Investing in an LTSSP ensures you have the latest versions of K-Sim, the assurance that your systems are receiving the factory-recommended level of onsite maintenance and customer support, ultimately resulting in a better return on your investment. Three different levels of coverage exist.


 Training Possibilities


The K-Sim Navigation Simulator can be used for conducting the following kinds of navigational training: 

Please note: Some items require additional license and/or HW (marked with *)

Navigation in open waters 

Navigation in shallow water 

Navigation in restricted waterways  and channels 

Coastal navigation 

Navigation in high traffic density Approaching harbors 

Approaching mooring positions Approaching platforms or buoys Mooring 


Passage planning and execution Collision regulations 

Radar & ARPA operations 

Radar operations under conditions  of blind navigation 

Electronic navigation systems

Use of ECDIS in conjunction with  Radar and other navigational aids Search & rescue 

Patrol and surveillance 

Navigation in formation 

Bridge team management 

Bridge resource management 

Bridge watch keeping procedures Integrated DP Operations * 

Navigation in Ice * 

Oil Spill Recovery * 

Advanced tugging operations 

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)  Operations 

Area Database Development Tool-kit  * 

Hydrodynamic Modeling Tool-kit * Anti-Terror / Piracy Trainer Module


The K-Sim ship’s bridge simulator is suitable for use in maneuvering training including but not limited to:

Berthing and unberthing 

Mooring and unmooring 

Free maneuvering 

Maneuvering using anchor(s) Maneuvering using thruster(s) Maneuvering using tugs

Maneuvering with mooring lines  fixed to jetty 

Maneuvering with mooring lines  fixed to buoy or platform 

Maneuvering with Dynamic  

Positioning interface in manual or DP  mode (Optional)