Marine Consultancy

At Polaris Marine we have experienced professionals ready to offer marine solutions tailored to our client’s needs. We look after our clients’ interests by following and keeping to current trend in the industry with regards to safety, quality, environmental and energy management. We have deployed systems that are modern and fit for purpose. 

Some of our areas of specialization include but not limited to:

Vessel scheduling for optimization

Polaris marine can assist clients in scheduling of their vessels for optimization thus eliminating costs associated with inefficiency, poor voyage performance practices like demurrage, off hire costs, missed ETA, high consumptions. 

Our systems will also ensure that the chain of vessel’s minimum voyage communication requirements like daily noon reports, relevant voyage notices, charterer’s instructions and other communications are sent by vessels in the correct sequence and in an organised manner.

Optimisation and Improvement of efficiency in marine and shipping operations 

Polaris Marine has capacity to evaluate and review shipping and marine operations for efficiency and where necessary proffer solution towards improved efficiency. We have developed procedures, templates, and work instructions for managing vessel voyages and capturing relevant information pertaining to voyages. This includes voyage communication chain, voyage instruction, voyage consumptions, charter party compliance, deviation, off hire and demurrage. 

We also offer voyage evaluation services investigating voyage consumptions (Bunkers etc) and offering improvement advice. This will normally compare actual performance (speed, fuel) against charter party provisions.

In addition, Polaris Marine will work with clients to establish procedures for the management of their marine asset, training of shore based staff in providing needed support to offshore operations (vessels and crew) and benchmarking of their operations against the operation of other major Industry players. 

A review of the current set up of such client’s operations to establish their baseline will normally be carried out following which recommendations on areas of improvement are made. 

Shipping Projects Advisory Services

Polaris Marine assists and supports clients in an advisory capacity for the initiation, establishment and management of the process of acquiring new shipping tonnage and other related Marine Projects. This covers the whole value chain of establishing ship specification tailored to the operational environment of clients and type of cargo to be carried, negotiating charter parties and Agreement to charter, ship building contracts with relevant guarantees, and warranty clauses and Construction supervision. Our experience covers LNG, LPG, Crude Tankers, Products tankers, Tugboats, Security boats, Crew / Passenger crafts etc. 

We can also advise clients on the basic minimum requirements (Baseline Criteria) for the design, construction, and equipment of marine interfaces of Oil and Gas Terminals.   

Development of Safety Management system and Establishment of Tanker Manager self-assessment procedures.

The importance of Quality Management System in any organisation is high. Quality Management is a process that must receive constant attention to be successful. 

Our Management System is robust, detailed and is currently awaiting ISO 9001 certification. Polaris Marine will work with clients to establish and replicate similar Quality Management Manuals to address their needs for safe and efficient fleet operations. 

This will usually cover high level Policy statements, Processes, Procedures, document management, fleet management, office management and office and offshore personnel management. 

We will assist organisations to set policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution in their core marine business area. 

We will establish on behalf of organisations methods and processes of controlling, ensuring, and improving quality, in their Marine business operations. Various tools must be put into place that will aid employees in completing various business tasks. These tools will then allow them to do this to the best of their abilities. 

Products and services are also important parts of quality management. No matter what an organization sells, quality is a necessary part of it. High quality means success. 

Happy customers will be returning ones and that is what every organization strives for at the end of the day. Polaris marine is driven by this philosophy. 

Vessel Bunker and Fuel oil consumption optimization

Polaris Marine will work with clients to ensure that all voyage consumptions are in line with charter party provisions. To achieve this, we utilize software that is capable of conducting such analysis and comparisons as the voyage progresses. Bunker loading reporting templates are also provided to manage bunker loading operations, deviations for bunker loading and ROB’s. Polaris marine has capacity to analyse voyage fuel consumptions against charter party or contractual provisions and requirements. 

We will also carry out cargo and bunker survey for organisations using certified and reputable and certified cargo and bunker surveyors. 

Training and development 

This involves training and development of shore-based support staff and offshore staffs on basic operational, technical, and commercial areas to enable Companies develop competent staff and ultimately achieving excellence in their operations. Our training also targets health and safety as well as compliance with relevant Industry, Local, National, and International regulations and guidelines.

Marine accident investigation on behalf of flag state

We can conduct investigation into Marine accidents on behalf of Owners, Insurance Companies, and flag state authorities. This is usually aimed at establishing the root cause, and in some cases making recommendations that will prevent reoccurrence. 

Our investigations and reports are never opinionated. This is because at Polaris Marine, we pursue a no blame culture that encourages open reporting of incidents, unsafe acts, dangerous occurrences and near misses. Such reporting in turn assists us in monitoring developing safety trend. 

Management Review of shore-based organisations for effectiveness and compliance with Industry best practices.

Polaris Marine renders Management review of Tanker management Companies. This usually follows the OCIMF recommended Tanker Manager Self-assessment (TMSA) which provides tanker and vessel managers with a means to improve and measure their own safety management systems. Through such audits, Companies assess their safety management systems (SMS) against key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides a minimum expectation (level 1) plus three levels of increasing best practice guidance. 

Results from such audits can be used by the Company being reviewed to develop improvement plans which are achievable and can support continuous improvement of their ship management systems. 

High standards are achievable when Companies align their own policies and procedures with industry best practice. Additionally, this helps companies to improve their performance and to attain high standards of safety and pollution prevention.



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