Ship to Ship transfer operations management (STS)

Polaris Marine will work with Vessel, charterers and Cargo Owners in managing risks associated with ship to ship transfer operations offshore (STS) to reduce such risks to As Low as reasonably praticable (ALARP). This is achieved through thorough review of such risks in line with the ICS/OCIMF ship to ship transfer guidelines for petroleums, chemicals and Liquiefied gases and establishment of detailed work instructions tailored to the specific operations, the operating environment and covering all guidelines and recommendations of OCIMF

Vessel Chartering and brokerage

At Polaris marine, we keep track of the trend in vessel charter market for most types of vessels and will support businesses in accessing and chartering vessels suited to their needs and which offers the best value. We will also participate in charter negotiations where needed by charterers

Marine logistics and procurement

Our vast operational experience has enabled us to not only understand the procurement and logistics needs of vessel owners, operators, and charterers, it has also given us access to stockists, equipment manufacturers and dealers all over the world including OEM’s. Our wide network of stockist ensures that goods and services can be procured in record time and delivered to meet the ETA of vessels in port. Machinery, marine ropes, mooring ropes, work tools, marine paints, Safety gear, lifting equipment strops, PPE etc to list a few are items that Polaris marine can supply to owners and vessel Managers upon request